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                                    RICHARDSON COUNTY, NEBRASKA
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                                    Submitted to 
the USGenWeb Nebraska Archives, March, 1998, by  William
                                    J Scheidegger 
                                    File for NICHOLAS SCHEIDEGGER, deceased.
NICHOLAS SCHEIDEGGER was born in Canton Bern,
                                    Switzerland 7 May 1829.
Came to Richardson Co., Nebraska in the fall of 1854. Died, 26 Feb 1908.
                                    M. (MILLER) SCHEIDEGGER was born in Canton Aargau, Switzerland
8 Aug 1834, came to Richardson Co., Nebraska in 1858.
                                    Died, 6 Aug 1920.
County Court       )          
                                    Filed for the record the 24th day of Feb.
Richardson Co.    
                                    )           A.D. 1934 at the
                                    hour of 2 o'clock and 25
    To             )DECREE    
                                    minutes P.M.
Anna M. Scheidegger)          
                                    Recorded in book 102 at page 123
et  al,                        W.A. Rose-register of Deeds.
                                         IN RE: ESTATE OF NICHOLAS SCHEIDEGGER, DECEASED.
                                    No. Al&55
In the matter of
                                    the Estate of )
                                    )      FINAL DECREE 
                                    Now, on this 29th day of March, 1909, this cause comes on to be
heard upon the petition of John W. LIONBERGER,
                                    the administrator of said
Estate, praying for the final settlement of his administration account
                                    herein, and for an order of distribution of the residue of said
Estate to the party ir parties, entitled thereto
                                    under the laws of the 
State of Nebraska. There was present in Court the said John W. LIONBERGER. 
        The files and records of the Court in said cause
                                    were considered 
in evidence and carefully examined, and the evidence of said JOHN W.
                                    carefully considered, the cause was submited to the 
Court, and the court being fully advised in the premises, fines
                                    that due
notice of the pending of this matter, and of the time and place of hear-
ing the same, was given
                                    to all parties interested by publication according
to law, and the order of the Court made in the premises on the
                                    5th day 
of March,1909, and that the proof of publication of said notice is now on
file herein. 
        The Court further finds that the six months fixed
                                    by the Court
within which claims against the Estate of the said deceased should be 
presented to the Court,
                                    have fully expired, and all claims not presented
within the time so fixed are now barred by limitation, and that
                                    all claims
allowed against said Estate have been fully paid. The Court further finds
that the time limited
                                    by the Court of the administration of said Estate
has fully elasped and determined and said Estate is now ready
                                    for final
settlement. The Court further finds that said JOHN W. LIONBERGER in his
final report has accounted
                                    for all the property and effects of said 
deceased, which has come into his possession or to his knowledge, that
there are no objections on file against the allowance of said final 
account, and that no one appeared
                                    to object to the allowance of the same;
that said final account is correct in all respects and ought to be allowed
                                    Court further finds that said administrator has in his posses-
ion as a residue belonging to said Estate the sum
                                    of $355.53 in cash and
note treated as cash for purpose of distribution; that when the records
of this
                                    settlement is complete he will owe the Court for Court costs and
printers fee the sum of $22.45 and that after paying
                                    said costs and printers
fees, he will have in his hands a net residue belonging to said Estate the
                                    of $333.08. That since filing his account said administrator has paid
taxes for said Estate amounting to $69.36
                                    for which he is entitled to
credit, leaving in his hands for distribution the sum of $262.72.
        The Court further finds that said NICHOLAS SCHEIDEGGER
left surviving him as his only heirs at law the following named persons:
                                    his widow, and HENRY SCHEIDEGGER, SAMUEL SCHEIDEGGER,
McCLINTOCK AND HENRIETTA SIMECKA, sons and daughters of said deceased, 
all of whom are of legal
                                    Court further finds that said NICHOLAS SCHEIDEGGER died, 
seized of the following described real estate, to-wit:
                                    The South East
Quarter less 20 acres and 5 acres in South East corner of the South West
Quarter of Section
                                    18, Town 2, Range 13.  The North East Quarter, and the
North East Quarter
                                    of the North West Quarter, and the North West Quarter
of the South East Quarter of Section 19, Town 2, Range 13,  all in 
Richardson County, Nebraska, and the South West Quarter of Section
Town 6 South, Range 49 West in Kit Carson County, State of Colorado.
        The Court further finds that ANNA M. SCHEIDEGGER,
                                    widow of said
deceased, is the mother of all the children of said deceased, and as 
such widow is entitled
                                    to one-third of the real and personal Estate of
said deceased, situated in the State of Nebraska.  
                                    It is therefore considered and decreed that the final account
of John W. Lionberger, Administrator of the
                                    Estate of said Nicholas
Scheidegger deceased be and the same is hereby allowed and approved as
        It is further ordered and decreeded that the sum
                                    of $263.72
residue of the personal Estate of said deceased, Nicholas Scheidegger
be and the same is hereby
                                    assigned and said over to said heirs above
named as follows.   
                                    To Anna M. Scheidegger, the widow the sum of $87.90
                                            To Henry Scheidegger, the sum of              25.ll
                                    To Samuel Scheidegger, the sum of            
                To John Scheidegger, the sum of              
                To George Scheidegger, the sum of            
                To Drusilla Rasmussen, the sum of            
                To Verena McClintock, the sum of             
                To Henrietta Simecka, the sum of             
                                    It is further ordered that the judgment obtained by said 
administrator against George M. Scheidegger he
                                    and the same is hereby
set over and assigned to said widow and children of said deceased, one
third thereof
                                    to said widow and 2/3 to be divided in equal shares be-
tween said seven children. 
        It is further ordered that the said real estate
                                    described and
situated in Richardson County, Nebraska, be and the same is hereby
assigned and set over
                                    to the above named widow and children of said
deceased as follows: To the widow Anna M. Scheidegger, and undivided
                                    thereof, and to each of the above named children and undivided
two-twenty-first thereof.
        It is further ordered that upon the payment of
                                    the costs and
printers fee and the presentation of the proper vouchers for the dis-
tribution of the residue
                                    of the personal Estate according to the order
of this Court herein and the approval of the same by the Court said
                                    will be discharged.
                                                        John Gagnon, County, Judge


I'll include sources for the information wherever possible.


             Art Schiedegger